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  • Have you lost significant distance off the tee?
  • Are you frustrated with poor consistency and a worsening handicap?
  • Is pain and stiffness limiting your ability to play golf as many times per week as you’d like?
  •  Are you using age as an excuse for any of the above?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place!

The Berman Method of Golf Performance focuses on helping aging golfer’s move their body more efficiently which directly leads to more power generation and transfer of that power into the golf ball

This isn’t like any golf lesson, golf school, or golf workshop that you’ve already tried just to leave feeling frustrated and overwhelmed that “it didn’t work for me”

The Berman Method focuses 100% on your biomechanics (body movement) and not on golf philosophy or golf technique- reason being that technique is irrelevant if your body isn’t capable of getting into the right positions AND being able to recruit and use the correct muscles in those positions!

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Golfers who accept that losing distance is a normal part of aging miss out on some of the best golf years of their lives. We help aging golfers increase distance off the tee, shoot more consistently, and play more frequently without wasting hours on the range or spending $$ thousands on new clubs!

At Berman Golf we know that you want to maintain a quality and enjoyable golf game. In order to do that, your body needs to move more efficiently! The problem is you think that losing distance is a normal part of aging which makes you feel frustrated and helpless. We believe you should be able to continue reaching greens in regulation despite getting older!

Which is why we’ve helped 1000’s of golfers across the country avoid moving up tees, gain more distance with the longer clubs, and hit more greens in regulation while feeling more confident and competitive during club tournaments!

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The key to the program is the repetition

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