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Dr. Jake Berman started out as a Physical Therapist, opening Berman Physical Therapy in 2015 and started specializing in helping golfers with back pain. Over the years Dr. Berman started to see a correlation between strength and mobility of specific muscles and joints and how that directly related to reported improvements in distance and consistency, specifically with the driver!

This led to further independent research by Dr. Berman and ultimately the development of The Berman Method of Golf Performance! This method was developed specifically for aging golfers who have been plagued with losing distance, horrible shot consistency, or even just not being able to play as frequently as they’d like.

The Berman Method is not a “technique” or “golf philosophy”, it is simply biomechanics and based on the concept of being able to generate and deliver more power into the golf ball. This is important because the human body moves very differently after the age of 60 than it does before the age of 60- so a 70 y/o golfer should NOT be trying to replicate what they see the pros doing on TV! 

Still to this day, The Berman Method of Golf Performance has maintained a 100% SUCCESS RATE with helping every golfer who has gone through a one-on-one program, either gain significant distance off the tee, shoot more consistently, or the ability to play more frequently!

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Dr. Jake Berman, PT, DPT

Case Bryant, PGA