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Dave Aull is 91 who is a Retired Entrepreneur/Investor/Author who lives in Naples, FL as well as, Kansas City, MO.

Dave Aull is the main reason why most of you are reading this stuff today.

Dave is who came up with The Berman Method and told me to trademark it!

During snowbird season when he came down here, he set a goal to lose 50 pounds (lost 32), walk better, and enjoy playing golf in the sunny state of Florida. From January until the end of April, we worked with Dave 3 times a week and with the goals that he set, he ended up losing 33 pounds, he is much more confident with his walking now, and playing a lot more golf.

“I can tell you something, The Berman Method is LEGIT"


Rich Leebove is 71 who is a Retired Entrepreneur who lives in Naples, FL. 

Maybe one of the most skeptical golfers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Years ago, Richard found me for PT when his back flared up.

It ended up happening again and when he came in this time, he found out we had started our Berman Golf Performance! He is a 4-5 handicapper and he was losing a lot of consistency of his shots and distance of his shots.

After some time with me, we bumped the distance way up and the consistency of his distance by so much!

“It’s all about how you value golf, I know guys who would spend $1500 on a new set of clubs but it would be spent better else where, especially with Dr. Berman!”


Peter Schmitt, 78 is a Retired Entrepreneur who lives in Naples, FL was in a group golf session contest to see who can gain the most distance, 41 yards in 3 months!!!

Because of this, we won a completely FREE driver from TrueSpec and got it fitted to his perfect specs!

During his driver fitting, he was telling me how he learned so much more about his swing. He was swinging with the club face completely open and once he was able to get it more closed and swinging straight through the ball, that's how he was smacking the ball 41 yards further!!!

“It was absolutely worth my time! I might not be able to even get my swing right if I don’t even have the right clubs!!”


Jimmy is a great friend of mine and I've had the pleasure of knowing him for at least 6+ years. He's helped me work on my house, he's done PT work with me and as you can see above. I caught him coming back from the Keys to get him at the Bonita Location!

He's a contractor at heart and when I first met him, he couldn't do what he loved doing. We got him all fixed up and then a couple years later, his back went back out and he came back in. It was so bad that he couldn't even touch his toes and when I spoke with him over the phone he said "this felt different and I thought you couldn't help me"

He went to different doctors and they all told him that he would be fine. He had shots in spine, a slew of MRI's, a bunch of doctor's visits and no luck. I finally got him to come back in and fixed the root problem. Now Jimmy is back working again and piping 200yd drives down the fairway, at 69 years young!!!


After a couple injuries that resulted in mental blocks and 5 years of being frustrated with golf, he finally asked for my help.

Within those 5 years, his ball striking got worse and he would psych himself out which hurt his game even more.

I would like for all of you to watch this video as it perfectly sums up exactly what I'm trying to preach to you guys all of the time!

 It's not just about the golf swing!!!!

It's about the mechanics that make the swing work and most importantly, the mental component to hitting that golf ball!!


Ed is 71 years young and has always been able to play really good golf until recently being plagued by frustrating injuries..

All in the past year he has had shoulder and knee issues that both required surgery, which left him unable to get any power behind his swing... And because of his injuries he had only been able to record 4 scores since September of last year.

I had worked with Ed before he had all of these injuries so he knew the basics of The Berman Method, but he was still unable to recruit the right muscles at the right time.

After finally essentially dragging him into the golf room earlier this week, 45 minutes into the session he had already made huge improvements!

Ed started out carrying his 6 iron an average of 162 yards and in such a short amount of time he increased that by 16 yards, now carrying the ball 178 yards with a total roll out of 197 yards! THATS HUGE!


Bruce is 76 years young and just picked up golf 3 years ago. He's been an avid tennis player his entire life but decided that he was up to the challenge of learning a new sport now that he's a full time Naples resident!

His initial measurements were very respectable considering he picked up the game just 3 years ago, and we all know golf is not easy!

In the beginning of the program Bruce was hitting his 7-Iron an average of 84 yards and ended up maxing out at 127 yards! Increasing his distance by a total of 43 yards with the 7-iron!!

But wait there's more, He also made massive improvement's with his driver by gaining an extra 24 yards off the tee!

Bruce's max drive was 131 yards when we started, and he is now maxing out at 155 yards! THAT'S HUGE!

Bruce has dramatically improved his overall iron game and is shooting the most consistent golf of his life! But he's not done yet! Bruce just signed up for another 12 weeks because "it's not good enough!" and the most exciting part is we are now "shooting" to increase his drives to over 175 yards!


You need to hear this amazing story from a golfer we have been working with for several weeks now!

Meet Ray, he is 80 years young and still a very competitive golfer to this day, however something just wasn't right with his back..

Ray first decided to come work with me after he was fed up with being frustrated on the course due to his back pain limiting him during and after rounds, ultimately not letting him play consecutive days..

That was going to change fast for Ray, and we had to let him know before we started that he was going to have to settle with gaining extra distance, while at the same time reaching his main goal of fixing his back pain!

After going through several golf specific drills Ray was finally starting to recruit the right muscles at the right time, leading to his back pain going away!

Ray was finally feeling good, most importantly he was feeling confident again about playing more golf throughout the week!

This week Ray told us he is now playing golf with ZERO back pain or any other limitations, while also hitting the ball farther and shooting more consistently!

He even played back to back days with no issues!

Ray's average distance with the driver improved 19 yards, his initial average was 157 yards and final average was 176 yards!

His max distance with the driver improved 39 yards, with his initial max distance at 169 yards and a final max distance of 208 yards!

Just look at those numbers!! All that while even saying goodbye to back pain!

Is this something that resonates with you? Do you want to get back to playing golf with ZERO limitations?

If you're frustrated with your golf game this will be the best 5 minutes of your day, because if Ray can do it what is your excuse?


This transformation is INCREDIBLE, I have to share this with you!!

(Make sure you watch the video above!!)

Pete is 78 years young and has been an avid golfer his whole life, it was not until he started dealing with shoulder problems when he realized he was not hitting the ball like he used to..

Before starting The Tee Shot Transformation Program Pete had been put to a halt during every round he would play, his body was aching and ultimately in pain, which was keeping him from playing the game that he loved!

Despite going through two total bilateral shoulder replacements and a total hip replacement, Pete felt like he was in the best pain free shape of his life in the past 10 years! Yet he could not hit the ball without excruciating shoulder pain!!

Because of the shoulder pain Pete's distance was diminished, leaving him with shorter drives and longer approach shots to the green, and ultimately worse scores...

Pete was beginning to get frustrated and knew something needed to be done!

On the beginning of day 1 Pete was lucky to average 165 yards off the tee with his driver, while maxing out at 179 yards... Even his 7 iron was not getting the full power he deserved, maxing out at 139 yards..

But Pete was not giving up!!

By the end of our first session Pete was already making strides, he was finally able perform a full swing, while experiencing zero pain in his shoulder!!

Halfway through the program Pete had already increased his Club Head Speed by 11 MPH with his driver, resulting in better consistency and more good shots than bad shots off the tee!

By the time we ended Pete's ACCELERATED Tee Shot Transformation Program 3 1/2 weeks Later, he had gained 22 yards with his 7 iron, and 29 yards with his driver while also adding 14 MPH club head speed to the big stick!!

At the end of the program Pete's overall averages for his driver and 7 iron skyrocketed!! His average for his 7 iron increased from 139 yards to 161 yards, and the most exciting part was his best drive increasing from 179 yards to 208 yards!!

Pete put the work in and the results show, he is now outdriving his buddies and playing the best PAIN FREE golf he has in the past 10 years!

These numbers are not exaggerated at all! This is straight up objective data collected from our Sky Track Simulator over the 3 1/2 weeks of Pete's journey using The Berman Method!!


Back pain should not be stopping you!!

Here's why!

Before starting the Tee Shot Transformation Program Kathy was experiencing terrible back pain when playing golf, especially when making contact with the ball.

This ultimately frustrated Kathy and was simply taking her out of the game that she loved the most...

Her main concern was to not just gain distance, but most importantly PROTECT HER BACK from nagging aches and pains!!

Kathy did just that by using the correct muscles (Core & Glutes) and setting up her body properly!

She has eliminated all of her back pain, all while gaining distance off the tee!

Age is not an excuse! We have helped golfers from ages 23-92!


Are you killing your golf game by over-swinging your club?

This is a problem I see with a lot of the golfers I have worked with...

They think the faster your clubhead speed is the farther the ball will go..

Well guess what? WRONG!!

When golfers have the tendency to over-swing they run into several problems, such as forcing you out of your address posture, which leads to an early release of the hands, which decreases power and creates a very poor contact position!!

This week Steve and I debunked the myth (Increasing club head speed is going to increase distance off the tee), and the numbers are here to back it up!!

Gain Distance, Shoot More Consistently, Play More Frequently!