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The Berman Method


Too many golfers over the age of 60 are frustrated by watching their game deteriorate as they lose distance off their tee shots and are stunned by aches and pains. Dr. Jake Berman is a physical therapist whose work with aging golfers in Naples Florida has changed the game for countless clients through his Berman Method fundamental analysis. His work is scientific, replicable, and designed for people of any age. If you want to regain your competitive edge and fall back in love with the sport, this should be at the top of your To-Read list!

You'll learn:

  • The #1 reason why golfers lose so much distance as they age AND how to regain some of that distance back immediately! 
  • You'll learn why 99% of the tips and tricks you've used in the past to gain distance haven't worked
  • You'll get to hear real life testimonials including Jim's who gained OVER 65 yards on his tee shots and started winning tournaments again after going through the Berman Method of Golf Performance
  • And a special bonus, you'll get immediately actionable tips to start improving your golf game today!

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Here's what people have said about

the berman method

Jim added 50 yards to his driver!

Pete increased his clubhead speed by 9 MPH!

Before my Golf Performance Sessions at Berman Physical Therapy, I couldn’t finish a round without my back giving out on me. Now I can easily get through 36 holes AND enjoy a drink at the 19th!

Robert - 73, Naples, FL

My distance off the tee took a sharp nose dive after I turned 65 from 270 yards average to 210 yards at best. I just couldn’t get the shoulder turn I needed to generate the club head speed. The guys at Berman PT helped loosen up my upper back and find my core muscles which has given me 40 more yards off my tee shots!

Bill - 69, Naples, FL

I went from playing a 9 handicap from the Blues to struggling to hit the green in regulation from the Senior tees in less than 4 years. Not only was I not competitive anymore, I didn’t even enjoy playing the game! I lost distance and my body was giving out on me throughout the round. After lots of hard work through my Golf Performance Sessions I am now able to easily hit the green in regulation AND get more pars than triples! By far the best money I’ve ever spent on my golf game!

Tom - 71, Marco Island

I’ve taken a golf trip with the guys every year for the past 23 years. The last 2 years I pretty much just chipped and putted my way through the trip because my back would just give out on me if I tried to swing the long clubs. This past year is the 1st time in 3 years I felt like I actually belonged in the group because I can now swing the driver again! 210 yards right down the middle ain’t far but I’ll take it! Thank you Berman PT! "

Frank - 79, Naples FL

If any of these success stories sound remotely familiar to what you are currently experiencing, this book is for you!