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Initiating the backswing. It is one of the most important parts of the golf swing. If you don’t initiate the backswing correctly, then your brain thinks that the wrong body part is the primary driver. Here’s what I mean by that. is when you initiate the backswing with your arms. It tells your brain thatContinue Reading»


Hey, we’re rolling, baby, rolling, rolling. Today we’re going to talk about why is it important to practice barefoot. I get a lot of people commenting on my videos over the years, who’s this clown not wearing golf shoes? How am I supposed to take you seriously? It’s for a very valid reason. because yourContinue Reading»

Chapter 9: What Could An Extra 25 Yards Do For Your Game?

Chapter 9: What Could An Extra 25 Yards Do For Your Game?

Over the years I’ve given countless complimentary golf talks at the local country clubs in Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero, and even Ft. Myers. I’ve even done virtual Zoom golf talks for attendees all around the country. The purpose of these talks is strictly from an educational perspective ending with immediately actionable tips thatContinue Reading»

How important is BALANCE?

How important is BALANCE?

Balance is another one of those funny things like posture. Most people agree that balance and posture are extremely important however very few people do anything to actually try and improve it. The most common answer I hear is “I just have bad balance” essentially using it as an excuse to NOT get better balance.Continue Reading»

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