Bruce GAined 50 Yards!

You're Up Next! Just listen to this success story!

Bruce is 76 years young and just picked up golf 3 years ago. He's been an avid tennis player his entire life but decided that he was up to the challenge of learning a new sport now that he's a full time Naples resident!

His initial measurements were very respectable considering he picked up the game just 3 years ago, and we all know golf is not easy!

In the beginning of the program Bruce was hitting his 7-Iron an average of 84 yards and ended up maxing out at 127 yards! Increasing his distance by a total of 43 yards with the 7-iron!!

But wait there's more, He also made massive improvement's with his driver by gaining an extra 24 yards off the tee!

Bruce's max drive was 131 yards when we started, and he is now maxing out at 155 yards! THAT'S HUGE!

Bruce has dramatically improved his overall iron game and is shooting the most consistent golf of his life! But he's not done yet! Bruce just signed up for another 12 weeks because "it's not good enough!" and the most exciting part is we are now "shooting" to increase his drives to over 175 yards!

Gain Distance, Shoot More Consistently, Play More Frequently!