Pete's Incredible Transformation

You're Up Next! Just listen to this success story!

This transformation is INCREDIBLE, I have to share this with you!!

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Pete is 78 years young and has been an avid golfer his whole life, it was not until he started dealing with shoulder problems when he realized he was not hitting the ball like he used to..

Before starting The Tee Shot Transformation Program Pete had been put to a halt during every round he would play, his body was aching and ultimately in pain, which was keeping him from playing the game that he loved!

Despite going through two total bilateral shoulder replacements and a total hip replacement, Pete felt like he was in the best pain free shape of his life in the past 10 years! Yet he could not hit the ball without excruciating shoulder pain!!

Because of the shoulder pain Pete's distance was diminished, leaving him with shorter drives and longer approach shots to the green, and ultimately worse scores...

Pete was beginning to get frustrated and knew something needed to be done!

On the beginning of day 1 Pete was lucky to average 165 yards off the tee with his driver, while maxing out at 179 yards... Even his 7 iron was not getting the full power he deserved, maxing out at 139 yards..

But Pete was not giving up!!

By the end of our first session Pete was already making strides, he was finally able perform a full swing, while experiencing zero pain in his shoulder!!

Halfway through the program Pete had already increased his Club Head Speed by 11 MPH with his driver, resulting in better consistency and more good shots than bad shots off the tee!

By the time we ended Pete's ACCELERATED Tee Shot Transformation Program 3 1/2 weeks Later, he had gained 22 yards with his 7 iron, and 29 yards with his driver while also adding 14 MPH club head speed to the big stick!!

At the end of the program Pete's overall averages for his driver and 7 iron skyrocketed!! His average for his 7 iron increased from 139 yards to 161 yards, and the most exciting part was his best drive increasing from 179 yards to 208 yards!!

Pete put the work in and the results show, he is now outdriving his buddies and playing the best PAIN FREE golf he has in the past 10 years!

These numbers are not exaggerated at all! This is straight up objective data collected from our Sky Track Simulator over the 3 1/2 weeks of Pete's journey using The Berman Method!!

"If you don't think you can do better, you're defeated, you can ALWAYS do more!"


Gain Distance, Shoot More Consistently, Play More Frequently!