Ray's Transformation

You're Up Next! Just listen to this success story!

You need to hear this amazing story from a golfer we have been working with for several weeks now!

Meet Ray, he is 80 years young and still a very competitive golfer to this day, however something just wasn't right with his back..

Ray first decided to come work with me after he was fed up with being frustrated on the course due to his back pain limiting him during and after rounds, ultimately not letting him play consecutive days..

That was going to change fast for Ray, and we had to let him know before we started that he was going to have to settle with gaining extra distance, while at the same time reaching his main goal of fixing his back pain!

After going through several golf specific drills Ray was finally starting to recruit the right muscles at the right time, leading to his back pain going away!

Ray was finally feeling good, most importantly he was feeling confident again about playing more golf throughout the week!

This week Ray told us he is now playing golf with ZERO back pain or any other limitations, while also hitting the ball farther and shooting more consistently!

He even played back to back days with no issues!

Ray's average distance with the driver improved 19 yards, his initial average was 157 yards and final average was 176 yards!

His max distance with the driver improved 39 yards, with his initial max distance at 169 yards and a final max distance of 208 yards!

Just look at those numbers!! All that while even saying goodbye to back pain!

Is this something that resonates with you? Do you want to get back to playing golf with ZERO limitations?

If you're frustrated with your golf game this will be the best 5 minutes of your day, because if Ray can do it what is your excuse?

Gain Distance, Shoot More Consistently, Play More Frequently!